Adult Conversation

by Doug Banks Radio Show

Do we still suffer from self hate?

Doug Banks Radio Show


  1. jackie
    02 August 12, 4:04pm

    Well I know I don’t there is some things that I don’t like abt me ! But I love me and I never based my life on what society says, or who looks at me , cause I am me ! I know something is wrong deep inside if you have self hate ! I think self hate is a personal thang !

  2. juardeen
    02 August 12, 5:07pm

    Its ignorance period. It boils down to loving one another. This world is full of hate and not enough love for our fellow brother’s and sister’s. Lifting each other up when we do fantastic things and making a difference. Sad….the way people think. There should be more focus on success rather than foolishness.

  3. juardeen
    02 August 12, 5:22pm

    Gosh..that’s sad. ..where all this black on black racism come…when our race from the past Martin Luther king, sojourn truth, Emmit Till, and many more of our people that has gone through such difficult times and died leaving stories behind that proves such harsh racism inflicted upon them. Why our people showing the whole world how stupid we can be by reversing racism upon ourselves…..when are our African Americans will start to think critically about our words and actions towards one another….
    .we need to band together strongly as a race just like all the other ethnicities amongst us.

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