Adult Conversation

by Doug Banks Radio Show

The good, the bad, and the ugly of social media…let’s talk about it.

Doug Banks Radio Show


  1. Snukins
    09 February 12, 4:05pm

    The social media can be good, bad or ugly. What I tell my kids is that everybody on Facebook is NOT your “friend”.

    • Pat
      10 February 12, 12:30am

      @Snukins…..That’s right teach um!! reality!!

  2. Ms. C
    09 February 12, 4:17pm

    You can spread the word of God thats the good Im still learning twitter thats bad the ugly when ppl don’t use correct grammer it just so annoying!!!

    • Pat
      10 February 12, 12:38am

      @Ms.C….You might want to do some pass history research and find out who strip you of your original language…oh!! and you can strat from the East while you are over looking the West.

    • CarlaB
      10 February 12, 3:56pm

      Facebook is not an English class. That is why they have computer slang, so people can write the way that they want to.

      • CarlaB
        10 February 12, 4:00pm

        so you don’t need good grammer to communicate on facebook

  3. 09 February 12, 4:56pm

    The good is u can reconnect with family and friends. The bad is u can reconnect with family and friends. The ugly is u can reconnect with family and friends.

    • CarlaB
      09 February 12, 10:22pm

      lol redskin

  4. Toni
    09 February 12, 6:31pm

    I love facebook, couldn’t have gotten through my recent divorce without it. Hooked up with friends from high school and even elementary school that I hadn’t talked to in many years. I will say I got into a little trouble hooking up with two different past lovers that are married and I’m not so proud of that.

    • Pat
      10 February 12, 12:27am

      @Toni…I hope you learned that you can stay at a distance with the pass people you once knew….Remember in the next marriage you don’t have to forget about everybody that was once a part of your life just because you are married. ..

  5. CarlaB
    09 February 12, 10:22pm


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