Adult Conversation

by Doug Banks Radio Show

What do women pretend to like to impress men and what do men pretend to like to impress women?

Doug Banks Radio Show


  1. 28 January 14, 4:20pm

    Sports for women, although there are some that actually do. For men it would probably be women’s fashion.

  2. Dalya Rouse
    28 January 14, 4:48pm

    It may be odd in this cold weather but CUDDLING. OMG I just want to go to sleep. Laying on a man’s chest makes my neck hurt. Doesn’t the guy’s arm start to hurt? Mine does. We have to turn in unison. I have to inhale the air you just exhaled and then it gets hot really quick! I just want to tell the guy can we cuddle for about 10 minutes and then I’ll retreat to my side?

  3. tracy reed
    28 January 14, 6:52pm

    I pretended to like war movies and starwars when I first started dating my husband. I also pretended I liked how he cooked his eggs yuck!. 10 years later we watch movies separately and I cook my own eggs!

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