Adult Conversation

by Doug Banks Radio Show

You have heard Rev Jessie Lee Peterson’s 5 things black people can do to succeed.. Let’s talk about it. Share your thoughts about this controversial topic. What do we have to do to succeed?

Doug Banks Radio Show


  1. Willie Jackson
    13 February 14, 4:35pm

    Reference to today’s comment by the Reverend about black folk’s work ethics and slavery. Did he ever considered the work ethics of black folks before slavery? Do he even know what they were or does his knowledge of black folks only go back to the time of slavery? Just asking!!!

  2. Jason
    13 February 14, 5:09pm

    I think, its true. BUT I think those same rules go for ALL races. Something like a
    Universal Protocol

  3. 13 February 14, 5:10pm

    Stop judging people especially those of the same ethnicity…we already have so many other people judging; instead start workshop, job clubs, host single events that might promote better behavior and above all Keep God name out your mouth if it have nothing positive to add to the situation other than WORDS AND thIS systematic structure and do what right and Love thy neighbor instead of hate thy neighbor…If there is none perfect how is it that everyone has this perfect world implanted in their heads, cause I have strived for every suggestion but just like all the others God uses ones weakness to bring his glory. Don’t forget Mary Jesus mother had him out of Wedlock and he was born Devine, righteous because Joseph was his step father and he also dies therefore Mary was left to raise him ALONE….Bam

  4. Ted Brown
    13 February 14, 5:37pm

    Where was this Minister, when most black neighborhoods consisted of black owned businesses….grocery stores, cleaners; shoe repair and other businesses all in the hood; we always did have a very good work ethic.. and a question for him what is his church doing.

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