Adult Conversation

By Doug Banks Radio Show

Today we’re talking to child support lawyer Cathy Middleton.  She’s taking your questions.


  1. tt November 1, 2012, 5:07 pm

    Truthfully it’s ridiculous that a black people refer to black women as a whole as being angry. Not all black men are drug dealers and gangsters, and I’m sure neither Doug nor ruddy would want to be put in the same category as a lame worthless black man. That is how I feel about the whole angry black women thing. There are plenty of mild temper, self-controlled, beautifully black women and we hate to see the overly ghetto always having an attitude women as much as the next the person. It is ugly, mean and unfair to refer to black women as angry. Give props were props are due and call out those who deserve it. Why is it when white women are going off and acting stupid many black men refer to her as hard or that’s cold white chick right there. (Meaning it in a good way) but a black women can react with a whole lot less attitude to the something and nobody wants to listen and refer to her as angry.
    I have a brother who will only date white girls because he says black girls have too much attitude. He has 4 kids by her and she don’t clean house, she don’t clean nor take care of the kids, she pick a fight ever chance she, she still, and the list goes on. And this is the attitude a lot of people have. Yes attitudes are somewhat changing for black men but why not for black women? It seems black men are just joining in on the stereo type and so are some black women. I say Ruddy and Doug if you insist all black women are angry then you have to also say all black men or worthless drug dealers. The fact is this just isn’t the case and you have to remember you girls have your blood therefore they are also black women. Rather than tear them down and label them lets up build and shine light on the good part of black women instead of the bad. Then you will start seeing a lot less angry black women and just see angry people as angry people but good up building people for who that are as well and most importantly.

  2. mary November 5, 2012, 4:15 pm

    I just want to correc you the first woman is latina.the drug adict number 2 is a white woman

  3. Charrisse Gettwisted Cannon November 6, 2012, 3:47 pm

    You mention on your show that Mitt Romney’s son owns voting machines. and we don’t find that as a total conflict of interest? And as Black people don’t have a problem with that?… because I know I do. And why we haven’t talked about it & madetake it a Really big deal. if we can make something about a movie a big deal. why wasn’t this? Or that at the Shell gas station in Jacksonville Florida they had president Obama with a noose around his neck. We just don’t seem as a people to find the right things. disturbing.


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