Adult Conversation

by Doug Banks Radio Show

(Fill in the blank) You hit the PowerBall Jackpot!  What do you say or do to your boss and/or co-workers the next day?

Doug Banks Radio Show


  1. Robert
    28 November 12, 5:14pm

    I would come to work and put in my 2 week notice but it don’t mean i’ll come to work and bill colector they are hit if the bill is due on monday it will still be on firday when you get it.

  2. Lynnette
    28 November 12, 5:59pm

    Head out to the Bahamas wouldn’t call really. They would figure it out they would see me on the News with that fat check, don’t care about bills, they can wait. If not oh well.

  3. Robert
    30 November 12, 12:55pm

    Doug who was it that said your odds on a easy pick was almost imposable don’t bring him on the air anymore i almost turned my radio off that day on him. The couple that won was from Dearborn, mo. and yes it was a easy pick. Don’t bring that guy back on for while lol.

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