Adult Conversation

by Doug Banks Radio Show

Have you ever been misled by someone you met online?

Doug Banks Radio Show

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  1. Cathy
    17 January 13, 5:49pm

    I met a man in NYC and moved in w/him and had a child with. I lived w/this man for 15 years. After moving to GA, I later found this man had a large criminal history of theft and identity theft. This man caused me an arrest, a loss a professional occupation, and homelessness for myself and my son. My son has had to change to several schools and homes in neighborhoods that he was unacostumed to. This man does not contact my son at all. With a lot of prayers, our lives are just getting back on track. Oh, and I found out that he has a $200,000 dollar bond in the state of CT. He has also pulled this on several other women. He is now MIA.

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