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by Doug Banks Radio Show
Tavis Smiley was quoted today saying that “President Obama is a good down payment but not the fulfillment of Dr. King’s dream”. How do you feel of about Tavis Smiley’s comment regarding the President. Do you agree or disagree and why?
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  1. Chase
    22 January 13, 4:07pm

    I agree that the election of President Obama is not the fulfillment of Dr. King’s dream because racism still exists and the landscape of America has changed. However, Tavis Smiley is part of the racism that still exists. As a race, African Americans do more to tear down one other instead of working together to achieve what our ancestors fought for. No one or race can expect anyone to save them if they are not doing the best they can to save themselves.

  2. John W.
    22 January 13, 4:17pm

    I think that Barack is evidence of Dr. King’s dream being fulfilled. Two things: without the work of King during the Civil Rights era, we would probably not have the opportunities that we have these many years later. Secondly, Barack gets flack for not being exactly like King in his policies…but King did not fight for Blacks to be clones of him. He fought for us to be able to be ourselves, and in that sense, Barack (regardless of whether you agree with his policies) is an example of a person who benefited from King’s work.

    Finally, it took decades for us to truly understand the power of King’s work, and during his time, many Blacks resisted his efforts because they felt he was causing more harm than good. This is often left out of our historical recollection. It wasn’t until after is death and the decades that followed that we began to appreciate everything King did in his time. My prayer is that Obama’s work today will prove to be beneficial when I explain this moment in history to my grand and great-grandkids.

  3. TChilds
    22 January 13, 5:05pm

    I think Travis is a HATER!! I hope they cancel his show Again!! He has had a talk show for how many years.. What has he done to furfill The Dream?? Like Chris Brown say… How he going to hate from the outside.. He can’t even get in!!’ How do they think this President can change the US in 8 years… MLK marched for years and still didn’t get the results he wanted to accomplish. Tell Travis to run and see what his ass can do? Please tell travis.. president Obama is the president of the United States not the president of BLACK Americans.. Duh! Lets work with him not expect him to work for us.. That’s what’s wrong with some black ppl now.. They just want a ride to the top.. No one want to do the work to get there. And Travis off all ppl she not be putting this negitive comments out there giving blacks more excuses and reasons not to support each other. Haha.. That’s why he got cancel off PBS.. How sad is that.. When PBS cancel u.. He’s a joke.. Trying to be relevant. He is a None Factor in most ppl life.. Including black ppl and PBS hahaha!!!

  4. Tina
    22 January 13, 5:25pm

    We REALLY need to stop turning the president into a martyr. Tavis is right we’ve gotten nothing in return for our devotion to this man. He speaks through African Americans we respect to talk to us. He has promised us nothing, so No, please don’t say the dream if fufilled, a politician got elected, and he happens to be black, thats all.

  5. Ben
    22 January 13, 5:41pm

    Yes I Agree with Tavis. MLKs dream was a vision of all men treated equal. Not to judge us by the color of our skin but by the content of our character. Back in the 60s MLK was labeled as a communist. But MLK did not want all portions equal, he wanted all opportunities to achieve the American dream equal, based on merit. Even today, we see so many white men in high positions clinging to power, refusing to share it with others. That’s why we see So many republicans refusing to work with the president, turning him away at every pass. They want to make sure he fails, even at the cost of the American people. I heard a reporter use the “N” word in regards to the inauguration. Now, it was a slip of the tong but I know she meant it. You have to be thinking it for that word to spew out of your mouth.

    Nevertheless, we, as a country, have broken down many barriers; and we are moving forward on the right path. But we must destroy many more barriers to fulfill MLKs dream.

  6. Tammy
    22 January 13, 5:48pm

    This is in part the issue when we as a community engage in political process as a monolith. We lack the political sophistication to move beyond the symbolism of his historic ascension to the presidency to an understanding of the substantive criticsms from those that have observed the neglectful policies of this administration. MLK’s dream fulfilled? WIth the high rate of unemployment in our community, and an agenda that has taken the back seat to immigration reform, lgbt issues, etc. Please understand that with control of congress during the first two years of his administration there was little effort to address the issues of economic and or educational disparity. (the rising tide was to lift all boats-smh) This was absent the “republican obstruction” to which many in our community attribute the presidents failed promises. The cowardice of his own democratic party is equally as responsible for his policy shortcomings. I am amazed at fellow Chicagoans that refuse to acknowledge the elitist dealings of the Obamas during their time as celebrated members of the hyde park elite. I love and support our president but like many political families, they exploited the electorate by engaging in the divisive strategy of demographic politics. You speak to the individual needs of commuinites snd special interest groups in an effort to “build a coalition” that will assist you in maintaining power. However, at the end of four years there are a few of those members of the coalition that have been lulled into acceptance of this idea that “nothing could be done” and “maybe next time”. I dont believe in the two party system, but a piece of MLK’s dream may be fulfilled when we stop reducing dissenting points of view to “hateration” or stopreferring those brothers and sisters that are republicans as “uncle toms” .We may not see another black president but we may have several latinos because they have infiltrated the ranks of both parties and demanded that their issues be addressed. If we dont bother to demand to be heard from the republicans because “they dont represent us” and we allow the party for whom we have overwhelmingly voted for to continue in their neglect of of our issues then we will remain at a stand still where every democratically run urban dwelling will remain impoversished and rapidly deteriorating. We have been leapfrogged by latinos and the gay agenda while stiill crying and celebrating the reality show that is ….THE Obamas! Cmon people

  7. Evelyn
    25 January 13, 5:01pm

    I don’t recall anybody every suggesting that the President is the fulfullment of Dr.King’s dream -Tavis’ problem is that he is turning into the nightmare of Dr. King’s dream – he needs to stop hating.

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