Adult Conversation: Confessions

by Doug Banks Radio Show

Confession Sessions: Call us now and free your mind. If you got something to get off your chest and you want to clear your conscience, call and share with us today!

Doug Banks Radio Show

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  1. 31 July 14, 7:07pm

    Hey Doug, DeeDee & Butchie,
    LOL, George, your cuz here

    I’ve listened to the comments of Today’s Conversation; and I believe you guys have left out one thing. I could not get through before you were off, but Please Remember this – It’s not the woman thinking what’s between her legs that can change a man; but as Steve Harvey once stated… EVERY man can change, but there’s only one woman he WILL change for.

    Here’s my input… Never underestimate the POWER OF THE BLOOD! The Blood can change Anything and Anyone.

    When I asked my sister, years ago, why she stayed with her dog of a husband, she said “Prayer changes things” and when God get’s a hold of him, and he matures and decides to stop running from God, she don’t want another woman to reap the benefits of all her hard work.

    Remember, a just man falls 7 times, but he gets back up. Who are we to keep a man down, who’s trying to get back up?

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