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by Doug Banks Radio Show

How did you get revenge on someone who cheated on you?

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  1. MadMan
    31 January 12, 4:08pm

    I didn’t get revenge on her yet. She did it so low down and dirty that revenge is a must!

  2. resentful12
    31 January 12, 4:43pm

    my boyfriend cheated on me like the first year n half in our relationship. Of course i cheated back because i loved him to much to leave. However, we have ben together for five years….i was unforgiving but because i love him, i prayed on it to release my resentfulness n move on.

  3. jeff
    31 January 12, 6:34pm

    I caught my cheating yes there was a big argument but. I just. Walked away cause I look at it this way never kn what u have until it’s gone so I cut off every thing and put it in God’s. Hands

  4. 01 February 12, 2:28pm

    Met the woman, talked with her and set up a time to set him up. Also recorded him earlier that day at home tellin me how much he loved me and would never cheat on me and there was no one that could ever replace me, yada yada yada. Mind you i was like 6mos pregnant at this time. Went to the ladies house and waited for him to show up after playing the recording for her. When he came in, I came out of the bedroom and SURPRISE! He totally dogged me out and stayed the night with her anyway, which also meant that she didnt care he was a dog either. That was def the beginning of the end! LOL!

  5. Theresa
    06 February 12, 4:22pm

    The best way to get revenge on a person from cheating is walking away.
    I have learned from previous bad relationship getting revenge is not the answer,

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