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by Doug Banks Radio Show

Sexual Addiction… real or really greedy?

Doug Banks Radio Show


  1. Neice
    29 November 11, 4:00pm

    Heyyyy Doug, Dee Dee and Rudy,

    I do not believe there is a sexual addiction. I think that people who love to have sex at some point it gets out of hand. Instead of them making controlled decisions of the “act” it takes control of them to the point that morals and values go out of the window. From that point, people reach for an excuse for ignoring their morals, hence…now they consider themselves a sex addict.

  2. Judith
    29 November 11, 4:01pm

    Just like anything else, sex addiction is real, and help is available and should be sought after. It can be deadly it can cause contraction and spread of sexually transmitted disease. We have AA for alcoholics, weight watchers for food addicts, but what do we do for sex addicts?

  3. Layton
    29 November 11, 4:07pm

    Only in America!!!!!! Whenever we want to get away out or get sympathy on our side its an addiction. O K I’ll way in I need help can anybody help me work it out…..:)

  4. 29 November 11, 4:08pm

    I believe it’s both. If it’s good…….REAL GOOD, it’ll make you greedy. Sex is a normal thing. Some want it more than others. I’ve never seen anyone walking down the street humping the air and Rapists don’t do it for the sex, they do it for the power they have over the victim.

    • CarlaB
      29 November 11, 7:24pm

      You and I are two of the few people who understand that rape is not about the sex or desire for a victim.

    • CarlaB
      29 November 11, 7:45pm

      I am glad that you put that out there because where I am from people do not believe that rape is a crime. The victim is treated like the perpetrator.

  5. Mike
    29 November 11, 4:10pm

    I don’t think it is addiction nor being greedy….. I think it is a desire to have a lot of sex it just the feeling of it feeling good, people just like having more sex than other

  6. Steve
    29 November 11, 4:11pm

    Simply claiming to “love sex” does not make you an addict, if it did, wouldn’t we all be addicts? I’m sure there is such a thing as clinical sexual addiction however, I think people use it as an excuse to cheat, I mean, how do you prove that? Also, how often do you hear of a single person claiming sex addiction? If a married person truly had a sex addiction, wouldn’t the spouse benefit? Is cheating a symptom of this addiction? I believe we are talking about 2 different issues.

  7. 29 November 11, 4:21pm

    Time to shut it down on today’s topic: If you can be an addict sexually because you want it all the time, then explain : YOU WORK EVERDAY, DOES THIS MEAN YOU HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM FOR MONEY?

  8. Melle Mel
    29 November 11, 4:39pm

    Sex can be an addiction for some people. If you want to break out the science of it, endorphins are released we experience any type of pleasure. This includes drugs, food or whatever floats your boat. Some people just gotta have it while others can get a fix every now and then.

  9. buddylove
    29 November 11, 6:43pm

    Plan greed,They are just Horny, Their no other excuse. People always looking 4 a reason 4 their wickedness.

    • CarlaB
      29 November 11, 7:32pm

      A lot of people do not want to hear it but, the purpose of sex is only for the procreation of life, not for pleasure, it just happens to come with pleasure to make MEN want to do it. Women probably want the attention from the man so they tolerate and do a lot of faking the pleasure.

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