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by Doug Banks Radio Show

In a relationship, is respect given or must it be earned?

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  1. Malaika
    01 February 12, 4:51pm

    Respect should be shown to ALL human beings. If a person can’t respect you, they have no place in your life!

    • jiye
      01 February 12, 8:07pm

      the one thing we owe one another is what? RESPECT you gaines more respect in life, when you live your life acording to the golden rules. Threat others the way you want to be treated….if you don’t follow that big rule of life, then you lose RESPECT

  2. 01 February 12, 5:02pm

    You should give respect to everyone “as a person”, out of common courtesy because you want to be respected, but in order for you to respect someone you “as a MAN or as a WOMAN” then that’s something that has to be earned.

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  3. Sherlicia Grizzard
    01 February 12, 5:06pm

    Respect should be given and expected in return. My motto is that you have to teach people how to treat you or they will treat you however you allow them to treat you. I don’t usually agree with Rudy (love you, Rudy), but in this case, I do. You basically have to demand respect from people by your actions. You can’t act like an earthy hoodrat and be disrespectful to yourself and others and expect to be treated in a respectable manner. It goes both ways. I give respect until you give me a reason not to respect you.

  4. Linda Marie
    01 February 12, 5:33pm

    How you carry yourself in life is how the world will view you and treat you; and the same holds true in any familial or romantic relationships. You earn the respect of others when you demonstrate respect for yourself and others around you.

  5. 01 February 12, 5:36pm

    My problem with this question is the order of events. Respect should be earned BEFORE you enter into a relationship, not after the fact. Entering into a relationship while the jury is still out on whether you and that person have earned the respect of one another is a recipe for disaster. It means that you either did not take the time to really find out who this person is before committing yourself, or you thought that you could somehow transform the unworthy person and make them respectable and worthy of you. Both are huge mistakes.

  6. Donna
    01 February 12, 6:49pm

    Respect is innate in all humans. In ALL relationships it is automatically given at first, but only a little (enough to get the relationship started), and throughout the days, months, years with the recipient doing the necessary things that will gain him/her more respect. It isn’t until the recipient does something that will cause his/her level of respect to dwindle.

    As long as things are done depending what each person will allow or accept, respect will continue to grow.

  7. Jennifer "Esquire2b" Burdette
    02 February 12, 3:28pm

    Respect should be given in a relationship. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops and you shouldn’t be put through various tests just to see if you are worthy of respect. Lest we forget, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If you want repect, you have to give it. Same thing goes for when you have lost respect for your significant other, because of their questionable actions. Forgive them as Christ forgives us DAILY. You may not have the same level of respect, but you still have to be respectful.

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