Adult Conversation Topic

by Doug Banks Radio Show

Dysfunction, secrets, and anger…what’s causing a rift in your family?

Doug Banks Radio Show


  1. Karen
    02 February 12, 4:11pm

    I just had to ‘amen’ Rudy that mothers can cause irreparable damage that sho can change the timber of the relationship! My mother and I were tight tight tight for 46 years. She became increasingly involved with my niece when the girl started having fatherless kids (Mom likes to feel needed). One Christmas day- without warning- Mom dumped me for my niece ending the lifelong tradition of our immediate family spending Christmas together. It hurt SO BADLY!

    Since then, I have adjusted to the situation because it is the mature thing to do and because I have no choice (my 23 yo niece is up to 4 kids to my zero). Mom? Love her, but she and I are no longer one another’s top priority.

  2. MzBee
    02 February 12, 4:16pm

    All the self righteous callers need to stand down, if you don’t know the situation PLEASE DON’T JUDGE!! I can relate and I am a Christian so don’t try and quote the bible to me. There are times when for your sanity it is better to stay away from a hostile bitter environment because it does rub off. I am speaking from experience so until you can walk in my shoe or Kevin’s hold it down.

  3. Mi
    02 February 12, 4:19pm

    Hi Doug, DeDe, and Rudy

    I am a 23 yrs old black girl in Georgia and I have had to grow up in some pretty tough times due to poor parenting on both my mother and father’s behalf. I have been homeless, I have been molested by my mothers boyfriend etc. I practically have had to raise myself due to my mother being on drugs most of my life. YES I have experienced quite a bit to be soo young but I still managed to come out on top I am in school, I work and I also have other responsibilites. Yes I was very upset with my parents for their neglect BUT I was able to overcome!!! Thru Christ I was able to forgive them both and move on with my life. To this day me and both my parents have great realtionships. Whatever they ask me for I am there for them even though they were not there for me when I was coming up. I think that Tracy Morgan needs to forgive the past and help his mother out because if it were not for her and the things she took him thru he would not be able to live the lifestyle he lives today. He should use this as testimony and Let Go!!!

  4. Keith
    02 February 12, 4:35pm

    No matter what your Mother or Father do. You never forget what they done for you. Like the Bible say you will Reap. Tracy Morgan should be ashame. He will come down. With out his Mom are Dad he wouldn’t be what he is. Remember.

  5. Keita Jones
    02 February 12, 4:59pm

    As for me, I would never tell my mother NO ! but I understand both sides. Sometimes family YES even our mother’s can take advantage of us (especially when they know we got it). The foreclosure process isn’t overnight, she’s had several months to come up with this money or to make some type of arrangments. YES the Word of God does state Honor your mother and your Father so that your day’s may be long on this Earth, I totally agree, but God also wants us to use the Word NO at times, Here’s Why : So that we don’t become a crutch for people (and a family bail out plan) so they don’t keep making the same mistakes but most important so that they can lean and depend on HIM (Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding) Proverbs 3:5. sidenote: tracy give yo momma the money man lol but like MJ said..THIS IS IT lol

  6. Keih
    02 February 12, 9:31pm

    People are saying it’s 2 sides too the Story. When he face God it will be 1 Story.

  7. Keith
    02 February 12, 9:41pm

    You said God wants us too say No. When he said Honor are Mother and Father that means thru all Troubles. That’s why God made Money Evil, he knew it would lead too Hate.

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