Adult Conversation Topic: Cheating

by Doug Banks Radio Show

Is there a respectful way to cheat?

Doug Banks Radio Show


  1. 21 November 11, 4:06pm

    Really, Doug, Really!?!?!?!! Hell to the NO!! There is no respectful way to cheat. Cheating and respect NEVER goes hand in hand. Now, some people have open relationships/marriages, and that is not considered cheating, right?!?! LOL…

  2. Sue Anderson
    21 November 11, 4:09pm

    Hey Doug, De, De, and Rudy,

    Come on now….Are you guys REALLY that hard up for a subject of substance for the show today? The question is one big contradiction. How in the world can one who cheats be considered respectful at the same time? If you are cheating you are disrespectful period. That crap that Shaq is talking is a bunch of B.S. Folks kill me justifying their foolishness and ignorant behavior!!!

  3. missy
    21 November 11, 4:23pm


  4. missy
    21 November 11, 4:24pm


  5. Denise
    21 November 11, 4:25pm

    Really y’all…respectful cheating??? That is an oxymoron…how can you be respectful while cheating. And, besides Shaq’s big azz couldn’t even be discreet because he is known everywhere. Perhaps someone should have Shaq look up the word “respectful” because apparently he has no clue what it means…SMDH

  6. Tia
    21 November 11, 4:31pm

    The only “respectful cheating” is in an open marriage. Point blank.

  7. Neice
    21 November 11, 5:04pm


    Cheating is cheating! You want this good woman to go away, do it. Where’s the respect. Just break up if you can’t appreciate your mate enough to dedicate yourself to them. More chances than not, they’re probably not doing it to you.
    How nasty and mean of a person are you! No morals or values, your selfish inconsiderate ways will catch up to you. Always remember the seeds you are planting, you will have to reap them. I can only pray that my man thinks about how something like this would effect me.

  8. kathy
    21 November 11, 5:06pm

    Hi V103 I would like to say that you can’t put respectful and cheating in the same circle. there is nothing respectful about cheating. If you cheat on a person then you cheat on yourself. I say that to say this cheater have no respect for themselves. so the can’t respect you. Again I say there is no such thing as respectful cheating you can’t do both may you/I see it or not

  9. Nina
    21 November 11, 5:13pm

    As long as there is a respectful way to get hot grits thrown in your face, sure!

  10. Mz. Sky
    21 November 11, 5:20pm

    I think that cheating is disrepectful all together because if you have respect for somone, you would let him/her know in an honest way that things are not working out between the two of you. I feel that it is totally disrectful being that the person in the relationship may not know what you are doing, but others may know that . It seems like you are respecting the person that you are cheating with more than your partner because he/she know about YOU but you may not know about anything about her. At the end of the day, the DISRESPECT turns into BETRAYAL because everyone knows but you…..

  11. Connie
    21 November 11, 5:27pm

    It’s interesting that when it comes to cheating (by men) they can always put a spin on it to make it appear “okay”. But let a woman cheat…and it’s ova. There is no way to spin it to where a man would stay or put up with it… yet, SOME men will expect women to “forgive and forget” their infidelities…. such a double standard.

  12. 21 November 11, 5:50pm

    Wow I think we have went to an all time low with this question.This is NOT an Adult conversation.This is a conversation for 9th graders.Adults know there is no respectful way to cheat.Cheat means being dishonest,therefore how could it possable be respectful.I think we could have worked a little harder to come up with a real question-maybe something worth talking about.

  13. Nica
    21 November 11, 5:51pm

    Hi Everyone, No…I do not think that there is a respectful way to cheat. Honestly if a person feel they need to cheat then they don’t need to be in a relationship point blank period.

  14. Robin
    21 November 11, 5:57pm

    Hey guys, No this is ridicolous. No how can you justify betrayal that is like being half pregnant. Cheating changes a family structure and the entire family is hurt by the act. And for the person cheating with the mate they need to find a way to rationalize they crazy behavior. It demonstrate self hatered. If you want someone leave the person to have the one you want instead of trying to have all the cookies.

  15. Tonia
    21 November 11, 6:02pm

    I agree with you, Dede, a man doesn’t need a DIME to cheat! Because them %itches out there giving it up FREE! LOL!

  16. Larry Miller
    22 November 11, 5:37am

    Cheaters will justify cheating anyway they can to keep from feeling the guilt and pain their infidelity will cause to all connected be it family or friends. By doing this it gives Shaq a way of trying to gain public sympathy or his way of apologizing to his ex. To cheat means to disrespect your loved ones and your marriage vows for those who are married. To cheat you must be a good at lying and decieving. It is a choice one makes.

  17. Sandra Inman
    28 November 11, 7:24pm

    I really enjoy this show, the topic have me laughing an a good way.

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