Adult Conversation Topic: Women who knowingly date deadbeat dads…

by Doug Banks Radio Show

Who’s worse the man or the woman who decides to date him?

Doug Banks Radio Show


  1. Alisha
    15 November 11, 4:38pm

    The woman is worse because she is keeping the cycle going.

    • CarlaB
      15 November 11, 4:51pm

      The woman is worse, because we can’t expect for people to love us more than ourselves however a lot of men fail to show their horns.

      • CarlaB
        15 November 11, 5:30pm

        As for the woman that witch don’t care, it aint her kid she selfish and partly jealous as hell anyway that child is a constant reminder of his past sexual encounter with something BEFORE her selfish ass and wanting to believe that that man is good she wants to believe that she is the exception and he was only no good to his baby mama because she is less than and he will change for her azz, that baby mama is beneath her that is what he told her, so she can feel superior and JUSTIFY why he is not there for his kid. I believe that some men are not capable of loving or caring about anyone(even his own child) unless that there is something in it for him, that is why that he can do for someone else’s child or children as opposed to his own, because it is not about her children either,it is about his ego he is trying to prove that he is Mr. nice, good guy to his current woman, because think about it, if he was such a good why can’t he start showing it with his own. I bet if he wanted you or needed some where to stay he would still at least act as though he was interested in the child.there is a man shortage and some of these women will go for anything so they won’t be single,even ignore the fact that she is with a selfish creep! sad but true.

        • Jesreal
          15 November 11, 6:21pm

          So true I could’ve said it better.

      • CarlaB
        15 November 11, 5:44pm

        all she know is that fool going down town .

    • Theresa
      15 November 11, 9:51pm

      AMEN~A Godly woman knowingly supports her man in taking take of ALL children before her, we as Godly women must set the examples to our men in order for them to be better men, NEVER DOWN A MAN~ A GODLY WOMAN BUILDS HER MAN 2 BE BETTER

      • 21 November 11, 6:50pm

        God also gives you common sense.He doesn’t expect for you to be a fool and let your husband exwife and there kids run over you in the home you worked for.Most exwifes do not want you saying anything to her kids and if there dad does it is also ignored.Parenting is an important job but if the original parents have not done there job your life can become a living hell.God gives you wisdom and with that ,you know when it is time to stay out of situations and let the real parents work it out or not.Telling the truth to a man is not downing him.God is the master of truth everything about him is honest so why would he not want us to be?

  2. Donna
    15 November 11, 4:55pm

    The man is worse because he produced this child. Or should I say the boy because a man does not neglect what is his. For the women she is naive if she allows this man to be part of her life she must realize the good times will end as he does not know what it is to be devoted or responsible. He will eventually let her down when the going gets tough just as he has done his child. Just like many men I know they will feel the pain later in life. Women put your antennas up if he does not take care of his child he will not truly take care of you.

  3. tyrone
    15 November 11, 4:57pm

    im not a dead beat dad i did everything i could to see my daughter but her granmother and mother did what they could to keep her from me

    • CarlaB
      05 January 12, 9:12pm

      u sure tyrone?

  4. Dee
    15 November 11, 5:00pm

    Are these people living in the real world? I can’t believe all of these women are calling in saying its the woman’s fault when half of them know they are with a man right now who doesn’t take care of his kids. How can anyone make a grown ass man do something that he doesn’t want to do. If he wasn’t taking care of his kids when he met the new woman, why is it her fault that he’s not doing right by the baby? The other woman may not even know the damn kids. It is all his fault. Men have got to start taking responsibilty for what they put in this universe. Karma comes back when you do wrong and a woman is not responsible for his actions towards anyone.

    • CarlaB
      17 November 11, 3:39pm

      wtf?! Dee, damn kids? for real?

  5. KayKay
    15 November 11, 5:11pm

    I ALWAYS agree with DeDe because most men would sugarcoat their situation and say “she won’t let me see my kid” therefore it doesn’t make him look like a deadbeat dad, plus the woman only knows what the man tells them

  6. Retta
    15 November 11, 5:30pm

    I think that the women are worse because like Rudy said how could a woman even be with a man that does not take care of their kids. A real woman will not even give the dead beat the chance. If he did it to them, then he will do it too you. Ask Alicia Keys.

  7. Jesreal
    15 November 11, 5:33pm

    I believe its both of their fault. Cause my ex is a dead beat. I think if your a real woman you don’t want to be associated with a dead beat. Cause if you know he ain’t taking care of his kids you just as bad! As long as you gettin yours ,who cares?! That makes you a bottom feeding death beat BI***!!!

  8. 15 November 11, 5:38pm


    • CarlaB
      17 November 11, 3:42pm

      lol patrice

  9. Tosha Lawrence
    15 November 11, 5:42pm

    Dede you are wrong and Rudy is right. Being the single mom of three now young men, any woman who settle for my deadbeat kids father was less than a woman. I know I would not settle for a man who can’t take care of whom he is responsible for, better yet he being responsible for me. That just means when things get rough he would leave me worse than he neglect of his own flesh & blood. Only an immature woman would settle for a deadbeat.

  10. jackie
    15 November 11, 5:45pm

    I don ‘t blame the women ! She just have to be the one to decide if she wants to deal with that ! But that man she take care of his business before ventureing out a new relationships !

  11. jackie
    15 November 11, 5:48pm

    I don’t blame the woman ! It is up to her to decide rather she wants to deal with that ! But that man is the one should take care of his responsibilites before starting a new relationship !

  12. 15 November 11, 6:08pm

    Why is the other women always to balme.Women come out of the door hating the other women.I am married to a man that his ex would discribe as deadbeat.When I was dating my husband she called me up on the phone and said he owed her money for back child support I offered her his s s# and told her it wasn’t about me or her but the kids and thats what court is for.She told me she already had it so why talk to me.Because she was already getting court ordered child support but he lost that good job due to downsizing and she felt he should still pay her what she was use to getting =-what she didn’t tell me was she was also collecting welfare sec8 and foodstamps.She is 51 and been on welfare since her 1st child was born which she has 7 3 of which is my husband and one of them are grown.This women has told her kids they dont have to respect me,can call my home when they like no matter the time she has came to my home cussing when she was not given the amount of extra money she felt she should get.I married my husband because I loved him,Ive worked all my life and what I own I have worked for.
    I do not understand why a women thinks because she has a baby by a man she owns his paycheck forever.Stop pimping your kids,get a dame job,let a man be a man not only when it comes to child support.The other women owes you nothing but respect and kindness to your child.My husband is not allowed to see his kids unless there mom can disrespect me and allow them to do the same.Sorry its not happening I raised my son I had one cause thats what I could afford to raise with pride with or without his dads help ,I allowed his dad to be a dad not only when it was time to collect a check and I showed his wife respect cause I was women enough to move on for my son happiness .
    People dont tell the truth=-my husband ex wife was spun in hell and sadly thats what she teaches her kids.I raised my son I worked and allowed his dad to be his dad.No women could stop a real man from taking responsablity for his kids and no real women would want a man who didn’t take care of his kids. But,a ignorant mom can fuck it up for everyone.

    • CarlaB
      17 November 11, 3:51pm

      so true kimmej

  13. jack
    15 November 11, 6:20pm

    The man the man, he brought a kid or kids into this world and it’s his responsibility to take care of his business. The woman is just a casuality in the relationship and better beware of what goes around can come back around on her and where’s her kid(s) father at and is taking care of his business. It’s a vicious cycle we go through and the kids get hurt not the parents. The kids may in turn repeat this cycle and become a future deadbeat dad and a accepting female of one.

  14. Hannah Elisabeth
    15 November 11, 6:29pm

    At no point in time in my life have I thought about the other women who were involved with my absent father. He moved to Charlotte to be with my sister and I and still is absent, it is not because of other women or me, it is him and only him. I guess I should not be surprised that men continue to blame women for their shortcomings, it’s always a womans fault. I am not sure why this is even a question, the woman sucks for being involved with a man who does not care for his kids but it is no different than a man who dates a woman only b/c she has a big booty, is fair skinned, etc. The underlying issues of why men and women date people who hold and refuse to work on their character has nothing to do with the person they are with. His children, his responsibility. The men blaming women didn’t need a scenario, they’ll blame a woman if the sun doesn’t come out tomorrow.

  15. mrz007
    15 November 11, 6:32pm

    I have to agree with DeeDee, because why is it that we ad women always let the man get away with everything…I am a woman that is in a relationship witha man who has kids but don’t give them the time of day..and i ask why is that my fault…those are his kids and me beign a woman can say why dont you talk to your kids, and his response is I dont want to…but yet he tries to tell my kids right from wrong…and me knowing me I tell him dont play daddy to mines if you can’t be a daddy to yours…I feel that women let men get away with everything….I.m glad my dad taught me to think like a man when it comes to my heart and we as women need to start doing that…quit letting the men get away with shit… I dont statnd in his way …..I tell him all the time let’s go get your kids..he says no……so as
    I tell my kids …I’t can force a man to be your father, but the white man can force him to take care of you….. he will be the one missing out…the other woman is not to blame at all…..

    • CarlaB
      17 November 11, 3:59pm

      Don’t worry he’ll be around when he needs something from the kids.

  16. Austin Stephen-Agbonifoh
    15 November 11, 8:39pm

    Watch AustinStephen1 show on facebook, he is great talking about our daily life stories

  17. Morgan
    15 November 11, 9:39pm

    I think that its the man responsibility to take care of their kids….PERIOD…. and I also believe that any women the dates/marrys a man that doesnt do right by the kids is No-good…. Its just a matter of time before it happens to her……..

  18. 15 November 11, 10:18pm

    How can you blame a women for you not taking responsibility for YOUR kids.That is just stupid.I have a responsiblity to my kids and there mom has a responsiblity for our kids not my wife they are not her kids.When it comes to anything concerning my kids there mom and my kids say its none of her bussiness so why is my ablity to be a father good or bad her responsiblity.I agree the other women wife girlfriend has nothing to do with a man being a man. And ,if you are a real mom and you feel your kids are not getting what they need why have you not taken that man to court,you wont make the legal court system work for you but you will blame another women.Why is that?

  19. 16 November 11, 4:56pm

    I can only speak on my situation. My kids’ father married a ‘deadbeat mom’ so to speak. She doesn’t have custody of or take care of her own children so she certainly didn’t care that he wasn’t taking care of his. Although my kids’ father pays child support, he could do a much better job of seeing them (regularly) and being more actively involved their lives. So to answer the question, I think both men and women should do better in picking and choosing who they get involved with because any man I’m with, I want him to always make his kids his number one priority!

    • CarlaB
      17 November 11, 4:05pm

      Josephine sometimes they didn’t know that he was a creep, he didn’t show his horns until after the fact

  20. CarlaB
    17 November 11, 4:11pm

    The woman to blame is HIS mama, for having his sorry ass, he should shoot both of his parents for f..king and making him and then turn the gun on himself SELFISH AZZ PUNK!

  21. Mia
    21 November 11, 6:20pm

    It is mostly the women from the hood or ghetto.that will blame the other women.Mainly because they do not work.They get a montly check ,foodstamps and all the other free stuff the goverment has to offer.They usually have at least 7 kids with 5 different daddy’s and most times never collected any child support from most of the dady’s.But, they might have one daddy out the bunch and they stick it to him like never before.When he has enough and leaves God forbid he get a women with a job then she will become the target.And the drama goes on and on.
    You see it was NEVER about the kids because if it was.Mom would have gotten a job to help support her kids.She would have loved them enough and herself to use birth control instead of looking to her kids as income.I wonder after there last kid is grown and they cant get a free check what will they do?
    Well, I guess there’s always foster kids.

  22. 21 November 11, 6:30pm

    I have a great deal of respect for women who work with there ex to be parents to there kids.I believe a women that works is entitled to recieve support. However I agree that a mom who only works 2 months out of the yr and quit ,so she can claim the kids and get an income tax check should be shot.I know a women like this.I lost my job and she hound me,she has always been on welfare so I am required to pay back money to the welfare dep.I feel like why is she allowed to NEVER work and stay on welfare where as Im draged in court and cant afford to not work .Why is she not required by law to get a job and keep one.Why is she not entitled to pay half of our kids suport.I did not rape her.Now she blames my girlfriend.
    Why should my girlfriend support her kids in anyway she doesn’t she just uses them cause lets face it without them she couldn’t live.Women can be deadbeats too!

  23. 26 November 11, 4:16pm

    How you going to blame a women for being with a man that doesn’t take care of his kids and not blame a man for not doing what is his right to do as a father.
    This is a backwards question for sure.And the kids mom why is it that she gets off the hook for picking badly the man to father her kids but the girlfriend gets all the blame.Black people wake up .That is why we have the highest rate of fatherless families cause we as men do not stand up to the plate of being fathers and there moms are all to glad to blame the new women when half of them is on welfare and looking slopy.Or so concerned about what they got(nails done fake hair) instead or working and partnering with that man for there kids.The key word here is their kids. The new man or women has nothing to do with it,there job is to be nice ,friendly and helpful to you as YOU parent your kids!

  24. 26 November 11, 4:19pm

    Why would you blame the new women when the babies moma show s her no respect cause it aint her bussiness but now all of a sudden its her fault.You was right the first time sista it aint my bussiness so you handle it the good the bad the ugly YOUR kids!

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