Adult Conversation Topic: Your Mate’s Ex

by Doug Banks Radio Show

Are you showing insecurity or weakness if you don’t want to hear about your mate’s ex?

Doug Banks Radio Show


  1. Angel B
    10 November 11, 4:14pm

    Yes I believe it could be a sign of insecurity. You might just be thinking to yourself, ” I’m really not all that great compared to this other person.” However, if the conversation is always based around his or her ex maybe your not the one for him or her! Change up your game because somebody misses some or all aspects of their ex! If not kick rocks barefoot!

  2. 10 November 11, 4:17pm

    No I don’t have a problem with it but if it seems to repeatedly keep coming up then yes. Now its different if u have kids by this person then I can understand.

  3. Honest Brotha
    10 November 11, 4:38pm

    My wife might believe it’s insecurity but the truth is hearing about one of her exes makes me feel like a “simp”. The dude got away with the booty and gifts and my simple minded ass bought a ring, house and have got to deal with her crazy ass. It ain’t insecurity his ass is free. It is jealousy.

    • CarlaB
      10 November 11, 4:44pm

      as long as a dude take care of his kids, he is cool.

  4. Arelia
    10 November 11, 5:50pm

    We dont sit back and talk about our exes on a regular but when we do its usually something funny that they did because if it was about anything else I dont know what we would say, being as though we’re about each other and our future. We dot n’back track but we’re both hella confident and neveer let little things like that work us!

  5. Parker
    10 November 11, 8:05pm

    In general, I believe men only are insecure if he doesn’t do the positive things her ex did, and she lets him know about it often, to either make him jealous, or to encourage him to step up his game. Personally, it depends on WHAT IT IS about the ex. There are a few things about my wife’s ex-husband that I definitely do not want to hear, like the sex, (and she has never brought that up). Some things I don’t mind hearing, like how trifling and no good his ass was during their short marriage, (abuse of every kind, stealing, cheating), and still is (refusal to pay child support, lies, abusing girlfriends). I don’t mind hearing about these because 1. I can show the kids what a REAL man and FATHER is and 2.) It makes me feel good knowing that I am at the opposite end of the spectrum from this dude, and my wife gladly (and often) shows me her appreciation for it. *wink wink*

  6. 19 June 12, 1:14pm

    I have a few questions can you answer them?

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