Adult Conversation: Violence

by Doug Banks Radio Show

Gender Violence:  What must be done about women hitting men?

Doug Banks Radio Show


  1. 29 July 14, 4:48pm

    I was always taught a REAL LADY…….LADY will never hit a man or anyone in anger, only someone who don’t respect you will and since you are nit anybodies punching bag, DEFEND YOURSELF. Remember a REAL LADY will never hit you. Someone hits me then I’m defending myself. Plain and simple. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…..

  2. corrie pinkley
    29 July 14, 4:50pm

    Dee Dee I feel you missing the point of what steven A and the other woman caller was saying. Being provoked can lead to an physical altercation between man and woman. If the woman is mentally abusing the man she is provoking him, if a woman hits a man she is provoking him. And once provoked some men hit back. What you are stating is something totally different and its abuse. .you seem not to separate or understand the difference because its a man hitting a you feel women have the right to hit Men and Mentally abuse men and have no fault for him lashing backat her?

  3. van
    29 July 14, 5:33pm

    As a officer of the law I must say DeDe is 100% correct. Do not confuse “provoked” with the word “self-defense”. Provocation is a vague, personal term, what provokes one person may not provoke another. Listen to Steve Smith’s apology, he admits it was the term “provoked” that was wrong. An officer would never say he was “provoked” to shoot someone. “Self-defense” implies immediate danger, “provoked” implies you pissed me off.

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