Adult Conversation

by Doug Banks Radio Show

For what reasons do people choose to stay in a  relationship when their mate no longer wants them?

Doug Banks Radio Show


  1. Neicy
    08 February 12, 4:36pm

    I am currently in this situation. I have asked my significant other to leave for several months. I have asked him to leave several times and he will not. It is increased tension in the home he claims he’s not happy he complains about everything. He is not paying any bills and he is constantly intimidating the kids. I recently filed for a 30 day eviction I have to actually go to the courthouse to start the process. Life is too short to be miserable money can’t buy you happiness. Money may provide shelter but not home.

  2. Sadbuttrue
    08 February 12, 4:51pm

    Trying to figure that out – Why – He has mistreated me to the utmost, STD’s, Drug Habits, No Job, he finally left,but now he threatens me and my livelihood because I don’t want him or him living here anymore

  3. 08 February 12, 4:57pm

    I think its fear of putting themselves out there again, their familiar with the situation and afraid of what they might get next time. You know stick with the evil you know. But if you stay with someone who doesn’t want you, you’re forgetting to love yourself.

  4. 08 February 12, 6:47pm

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t have a job right now and I don’t want to leave beause I love him, but how could you possibly keep putting up with a person that has to always be correct and don’t want to listen to the fact that, staying together and you’re not married in the eyesight of God, is wrong and while I’m getting closer to God, I’m hoping and praying he gets it before I leave and I can’t serve two masters, cuz I’ll love one and hate the other. I’m really looking and when I do, my time is up here cuz if he wanted to marry me, he would’ve and not string me along for almost five years.

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