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by Doug Banks Radio Show

Is it okay to have a favorite child? And as a parent will you admit to having a favorite?

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  1. 04 February 14, 4:10pm

    I don’t have one. My parents didn’t show favoritism either. They did special things for us all. If they had a favorite we didn’t know about it.

  2. 04 February 14, 4:15pm

    Having a favorite or even favoring one child over the other is dangerous. It usually will lead to jealousy and envy on the part of the siblings. Even IF you have a favorite it’s best to not voice it. All of my children have been a favorite at one time or another for different reasons. I will NEVER say it though.

  3. m Smith
    04 February 14, 4:17pm

    I think you have to define favorite. Each of my children are in different stages of development. So my relationships are all different with them.

  4. 04 February 14, 5:36pm

    I have 3 daughters, my baby swear there is a differance. I told her I love all of them all the same but treat them different at times because they are individual, and unique. No favorite.

  5. lesha
    04 February 14, 6:25pm

    I don’t feel there should be a favorite child. I gre up in a family like this. Unfortunately I was not the favorite child because of who my father is. All attention and praises went to my sister. She excelled all in almost where as I didn’t because I felt like it would go ignored anyway. My mom to this day have a relationship that I am jealous of. As I have children of my own I am careful not to have favorites, no matter how much one may cause more problems than the other. Being in a situation like that made me realize the favoritism shows and actually causes more problems in the child. We as parents may not realize it but because one choose to have a favorite child, they are actually hurting the other.

  6. georgiabound
    04 February 14, 6:40pm

    I have two children of my own and I don’t have a favorite. I love my kids equally regardless of what they do.
    Now my mother on the other hand has a favorite! I’m a twin and have a younger sister. Being the oldest took away from my childhood, having to see about my younger sister and my twin brother. I’m currently 27 and my mom favors my brother. I had my kids young(@20) and she told me I disappointed her and now my sister is living her own life @ 20yrs old my mom doesn’t like that she has no control over her.
    The words out my mothers mouth were her son could do no wrong SMH

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