Dear Doug Letters

By Doug Banks Radio Show

Dear Doug,

I cheated on my live in girlfriend with her best friend, and now she’s in love with me. For me this relationship is JUST sex.

Let’s be honest! I put it down. I guess that’s why my girl went to her best friend for advice on how to spice up the bedroom life.  It must be a woman thing where you go back and forth and tell you your business to your girlfriends. Well such is the case for me. Why would you go to your single friend that hops from man to man for advice? She’s a straight freak! Now, those wonderful freaky things she taught my girl are great, but they are now coming with a cost.

I have been messing around with the best friend now for 6 months. She constantly blows up my phone and wants me to meet up with her for more sex and is threatening to tell my girl. What is my out in this situation? This really isn’t my fault. Or is it? If my girl had kept her mouth shut then her girl would not have had all this curiosity. This would have never happened?

Double Dipping


  1. Anthony Forbes January 18, 2013, 4:13 pm

    Dude ur an idiot…….You NEVER mess around with anyone your mate knows. #hopeyoassgetcaught

  2. Ms Rebecca from Ga January 18, 2013, 6:03 pm

    Here is my theory

    This guy is not so attractive or lacking in one or more areas in life(job, baby mamas, etc…). So the best friends asks the girlfirend one day ” ewww what do you see in him?’. And being the nice person she is, she was like ” Well even though he not so great in ……….fill in the blank………atleast he is good in bed. ” Then, the best friend was like OH REALLY GURL !!!!!!” she was also saying in her mind ” I gotta see for myself” So maybe he is good in bed, SO WHAT !!!! This guy is cleary lacking chracter and to put the cherry on top, instead of confessing ( which im sure he didnt), he is making up excuses as to why he cheated because secretly, he is guilty and he is trying to cover it up hoping that his girl while be listening to Doug Banks so she can blame herself i she was ever in that situation. As for the fake best friend, she is not really in love, she just sprung so she cant really think clearly right now. Dont worry girl, it will wear off sooner or later.
    I think this guy should call in to the Doug Banks show and apologise not only to his girl, but on behalf of ALL MEN, he is one of the little boys pretending to be a Man thats messing it up for the rest of yall. Sex isnt everything, its great dont get me wrong, but it isnt everything-Only a few men understand this concept and usually they are the ones hard to find :(

    Have a great weekend everybody :)


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