Dear Doug Letters

By Doug Banks Radio Show
Dear Doug,
My dad is cheating on my momma and I need some help.  My homeboy had to drop me off at my uncle’s house last weekend and when we pull up this chick is all up in my dad’s grill. We both good looking men and women be trying to get at my dad whenever we go out, but I don’t sweat it. But when we pull up, this chick hugs my dad and they both held on just a little too long, and she slid her hand on his ass.  I’m 17 so I know the game. And I KNOW he’s messing with this woman. I’ve seen this woman with my dad on another occasion. I’m losing respect for him as my dad, and it pisses me off ‘cause my momma respects him so.  She’s always saying what a good husband he is and she’s always telling me she hopes I grow up like him.  She always thought she got a “good” one and so did I.  I know I should stay out of grown folks business, but damn! I wanna tell my momma…I wanna confront my dad. What do I do?
If Momma Only Knew

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