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Dear Doug,

 Is staying with a cheater better than being alone?  I am a 53 year divorced woman of two grown children and grandmother of four. I have been divorced over 30 years and never remarried.
After years of being alone I thought I found a good one. We met on Facebook a year and a half ago and we have been dating ever since. We have had really great times but unfortunately I lost my job four months ago. He is stable and been on his job for eight years. Recently, he has been helping me with some of my bills. He asked to use my computer the other day and when I logged on I saw where he forgot to log out of a dating website.
I didn’t confront him because I really need his financially support. Truth be told I don’t look as good as I did years ago and I have gained weight and I love his companionship? But if he is looking at dating websites does he still love my companionship?  Do I stay with a cheater out of need and necessity and risk being alone again minus sexual companionship? Please help me out.
Don’t want to be Alone

Doug Banks Radio Show


  1. 11 October 13, 4:20pm

    whether she wants to acknowledge it now or not she’s already in the process of being by herself if he’s on the Internet engaging in on line dating she bout to be left behindor alone as she saybut more importantly she’s falling into a bad downward spiral of self-esteem issues thinking because she’s not working right now she’s less than human and that will affect her in more ways than one probably has contributed to her weight gain which is compounding it so the next thing you know she’ll start saying he’s leaving her because she don’t work and she’s gained weight when in actuality he’s leaving because he’s an Internetw**** monger

  2. Patricia
    11 October 13, 4:56pm

    First she should not blame herself. Remember she got him with her weigh gain. He likes all the weigh. She just lost her job 4months ago. They have been dating for 1yr or so. And he met her on a dating site. He just never stopped visting the site. She just caught him now thats all. She needs to get back on her feet and Peace out on his ass. She can always get herself some adult toys. I highly recommend it for women. P.S. George, can you please say: ‘Peace to all my neighbors’!!! I miss you saying that!!! I Love you on Doug’s show. Hey Dee Dee and Doug. You all keep up the good work!! love your show.

  3. sara
    17 October 13, 10:48am

    Dear alone,

    You got to LOVE yourself. You are at a stage in life where you should be leaving your life to the fullest with no worries. You need to be alone so you can figure out who you are, and the plan that GOD has for you. You will lose the weigh when you lose him. Get a budget and stick to it. Invest your time being positive…

    Best wishes

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