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by Doug Banks Radio Show
Dear Doug,
I don’t know whether to call it jealousy or insecurity.  My husband and I have been married almost 30 years.  Last year at my husband’s surprise birthday party, one of my friends asked who a certain woman was in the room. When I asked why, she said, “She and your husband have been making eye contact all night, and he seems to be paying her a lot of attention.”  Just to be sure I was not imaging things, I asked my sister.  She thought there might be something going on too. This woman and her husband are members of our steppers group. So, from there on I started watching the behavior between them.
Late one evening, I confronted my husband.  He was furious, and said if something is going on, it is all on her side. (What does THAT mean?) I told him then that my first warning was to him, the next will be to her, and thereafter to her husband.  After this discussion, the next time I saw this woman, she avoided me like the plague. My husband denied saying anything to her.  I think it’s time for my warning to her.  Should I pursue this matter or should I just leave it alone?
Stepping In The Name Love

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  1. 06 December 13, 4:38pm

    Well I think she should just confront her husband and leave it like that, after all you suppose to have trust. But doesn’t mean you don’t keep your eyes open because the truth will come out. And when it does the more mature thing is to let him go if that’s something you just don’t want in your relationship plain and simple. all that confronting her and telling the women’s husband will not be a mature thing to do. Well I hope I can write on here since I’m told I can’t call in that much lol .Hope you post this. Still love the show and miss everybody.

  2. 06 December 13, 4:53pm

    I think she should let it go. What’s done in the dark will come to the light!

  3. latanya white
    06 December 13, 5:37pm

    Pursue her for what? Your problem isn’t with her, your problem is Yo triflin ass husband! Also, ask yourself why are you so insecure?

  4. kathy
    06 December 13, 10:45pm

    I say if you been together 30yrs if he passed 55yrs he cant get it up anyway and if he do it wont stay up so don’t worry.

  5. 07 December 13, 1:21am

    Wow!! That dance called STEPPIN!!! especially if you are doing it CHICAGO STYLE!!! ain’t no joke!!! It has messed up some people’s head, especially if you haven’t grew up doing the dance like i have, that’s just what we did, and how we danced!! It’s just a dance people!!! There is probably nothing going on. Just make sure you dance with your own husband.

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