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Dear Doug,
I just joined a GREAT company two months ago, I love this job!  But, I have found one flaw; a co-worker who works only 3 hours during an 8 hour work day. She spends time at lunch, shopping, on personal phone calls and chatting with other co-workers.  I’m the one who has to take up the slack.  She’s been here for over two years and I just don’t see how she keeps her job.  Should I make waves and complain about her performance, or go with the flow?
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  1. Nicole Murray
    13 December 13, 5:21pm

    She’s only doing it because you pick up the slack. Start taking notes and go to her 1st.And if that don’t work then go over her head to her boss. Keep note tho cause she will make you become the problem

  2. Janice hodges
    13 December 13, 6:12pm

    Remember the pass age in the bible where God hired these workers at different times and the last person was hired last but got paid the same..God said I am God I do what I want to do..just like the employer they already know what this person is doing it does not need anyone someone that’s been there two months to come in and tell them all about a two year employee..

    • 03 January 14, 1:56pm

      AMEN Janice! also Remember when Jesus was leaving his Disciples after the fish breakfast and John got up to follow him? Then Peter got Jealous and asked Jesus, “Why is John following you and where is he going” (my paraphrase). Jesus replied to Peter’s envy was this: If I tell John to stand in this spot until i come back again, what does that have to do with what I told you to do?— And so it is with the employee who is watching the clock of other employees… What does it have to do with you? If it has a direct impact upon your productivity and performance, then perhaps you need to address the issue. But if it is just envy that she can spend so little time producing, perhaps the “newly hired co-worker should produce a little more in three hours so it won’t take her 8 to complete her job”— We aren’t paid by piece-mill in the 21st century. — Remember the old commercial by the Army: “We do more by 9am that MOST people do all day!”

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