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by Doug Banks Radio Show

My girlfriend thinks she’s a sex coach! She and I recently started having sex and I’m not sure the best way to explain it… so I’ll give you some examples of the things she says during sex.  She says things like “You’re doing great!”, “Your technique and fundamentals are really good.”  (While going down on her she has said things like; “Yes! keep going! You can do it!”  “Wow! That’s good!  You must have been practicing!”

Mind you, let me reiterate, these are things she is saying WHILE we are having sex! Yes, in the middle of the act, she keeps saying all these words of encouragement.  I keep asking myself “WHAT IS SHE, MY COACH”!  I’m so flabbergasted by this, that I just don’t know what to say to her… its so ridiculous that I just want to bust out laughing sometimes.  Doug, how do I handle this?  Will it ever get better or should I walk away now?
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