Dear Doug Letters

By Doug Banks Radio Show
Dear Doug,
I am forty years old and until recently a single father. A year ago I met a woman that changed my perspective in life. I never believed in soul mates but she made me a believer. I have the kind of love for her that I never felt for anyone.
After 6 months we moved in together and merged families and I proposed. Three months ago my fiancé had a major stroke. She lost all function on one side of her body; she lost her speech and is disabled. She will likely never return to work or the life she had.
She can now walk some and regain some speech but it is very limited. This has created a future that I never had envisioned or signed up for. Everyday is a reminder of what once was. I am committed for at least a year which is how long I knew her before her stroke to assist her in regaining a normal life as possible. However, I CAN NOT envision going through the rest of my life like this. I know she will be devastated if I leave; but I will be devastated if I stay. This is a tragedy no matter what choice is made. I welcome your thoughts.

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