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By Doug Banks Radio Show

Dear Doug,

I know it’s not Friday and time for the “Dear Doug Letter” but I need some help! My husband and brother want to KILL each other!

Here’s my issue, I am one of six children and every Thanksgiving holiday me and my family get together. But my husband doesn’t want to go. Because the last time we all got together my husband and brother got into an ugly heated argument. It started when they lost the spades game. Well you know how black folks are and their spade games. Well this went way too far. My brother stepped over the line! He called my husband a trifling joker that could barely take care of his family. He brought up the fact that he has borrowed so much money from him that he might as well be his BITCH. They almost went to blows. I have talked to my brother and he knows he was wrong and wants to apologize but I know my husband doesn’t want to go let alone accept his apology.

What do I do? I love my husband so much I want to support him in this I know he was embarrassed but this is the only time of year ALL of my siblings get together. Should I stay home and be the good wife or should I help my husband work through the drama and face the family?


A family divided

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  1. paul November 20, 2012, 6:46 pm

    Hi Doug, DeeDee & Rooty. My name is Paul and I would like to comment on the letter. I think that the wife should support her husband. If he doesn’t want to go, she shouldn’t force him. I was in a similar situation but I put my Brother in law to sleep. LOL!! My wife agree that he had it coming. But a good wife always sticks by her husband.


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