Money Matters

by Doug Banks Radio Show

Financial Advisor Creates March (Money) Madness to Promote Financial Literacy

Doug Banks Radio Show


  1. 25 March 12, 1:27pm

    Brother, I am disgusted and dpeley sadden by this story. As I’ve stated this challenges all my Christian and post-racial sensibilities. I wasn’t alive during the Emmit Till situation but I imagine what I feel is what people felt back then. I ask America to take a long look at itself. I am so glad that you brought in the political aspect, because that is where the difference can be made. I am proud to say that you expressed your point on this platform and want you to know that your words have taken me from powerless to empowered. Thank you.

  2. 01 July 12, 11:21am

    Damn you’re a expert

  3. 07 July 12, 9:12pm

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